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Peguche Waterfall,
El Lechero &


We will travel to Peguche Waterfall, a sacred site for the indigenous population.

Later we will visit El Lechero, a famous magical tree situated on top of a hill outside of the city of Otavalo. El Lechero is also a sacred place for the indigenous people, and from this special site we will enjoy a beautiful view of the Andes Mountains and San Pablo Lake.

After this stop we can visit El Parque Cóndor. This Condor park is a rehabilitation center for raptors, vultures and other birds of prey. It is an excellent place to see an Andean condor and flight demonstrations.

We can have a healthy lunch in Huarmi Maki, a handcraft workshop. While there, we can watch a live weaving demonstration and a presentation of the Otavalo culture (food, clothing, etc).


Total Duration: One full day (approximately 7 hours)

Difficulty: Easy

Our Location

We are located in the beautiful countryside just outside of Otavalo and Cotacachi, Ecuador– in the quaint native community of Pucará.